Affordable options that make the most sense for our customers

More often than not our customers request changes to their websites after they're launched on a fairly regular basis and it can get expensive as the charges add up. That's why we always offer discounted maintenance plans so that you don't get "nickel and dimed" for minor changes here and there. Even if we give you the ability to manage the content on your website, with everyone's hectic schedule it can be faster and easier to leave the changes to us and keep your schedule on track.

Stale websites get ignored by visitors as well as search engines

Think of your website like a library, if the selection of books never changed every time you visited you'd probably stop going. The same holds true for your website, if your content never changes what reason would someone have to come back? Additionally, we've learned that search engines tend to rank sites based on how often they are updated. This means if your site has out of date material on it you won't rank as prominently when potential customers search for your products and services.

Dedicated team of designers and developers that respond fast

Customers that have maintenance agreements with us are assigned a dedicated team to help them with new requests. Our goal is a 24 hour turnaround in most cases and we do everything we can to accommodate "rush jobs". Our standard agreements are on a month-to-month basis so there's no long term obligation and we'll proactively submit ideas to you for review so your website always stays on top of the most current trends.

To learn more about our maintenance packages contact us today to set up a free consultation.